No more endless waiting between 2 connections. No need to worry about the lack of public transports in small cities or rural areas anymore. A way to decrease road congestion when approaching city centers or accidents which paralyze traffic !


Road-to-Rail system

  • Bimodal wheel allowing to drive the car on the road or on rails within the same ride
  • A technology developed for mass-produced automobiles
  • An inspiration coming from past railcars (Micheline, etc.)

Electric mobility

  • Adapting existing electric cars, produced in France
  • No need to install catenary lines or any electrification system on the rails

Automated driving on the rails

  • No need for a driver when the car is on the rails
  • Travel time becomes useful time
  • Easier and simpler way to travel

Shared service

  • Our mobility service is on-demand & available 24/7
  • One fleet of vehicles per operated line
  • Pay as you go
  • Maximum capacity : 8 people

Safe and reliable ride

  • Brings together the best of railway and automobile worlds 
  • All passive security elements (seatbelts, airbags, etc.) & active (ABS, EBA, etc.)
  • Rail is a safer environment, with a priority over road traffic

Some key figures …


of unoperated rail tracks in France


A regional train remains 75% empty and is 75% subsidized



of French people live within a 10km radius from a train station

1 week / year

The average time spent by French people in traffic jam


Our objectives

  Reconnect rural territories
  Decarbonize transports
  A profitable business model
  Flexibility & availability
  Accessible to everyone


European startup prize for Mobility

European startup prize for Mobility

The SICEF has been selected in the Top50 of European startups working in sustainable mobility, among more than 550 startups. Decarbonization of the transport sector and the reconnection of rural areas poorly served with flexible & quality mobility services accessible to all are the two main pillars of the “sustainable transports” strategy of the EU. The jury was composed of members of the Boston Consulting Group, the ViaID investment fund and the European Parliament. They considered that the solutions Ferromobiles brought to the future of mobility had to take their shares in future transport policies and land use planning.
France 2030 investment program

France 2030 investment program

In the backdrop of the France 2030 investment program, the French government chooses to trust the SICEF to lead the development and deployment of numerous fleets of Ferromobiles. The objective is to revive railway traffic on small lines which irrigate the French territory but have been suffering from a critical underinvestment in the last decades. The Ferromobiles offer a flexible and quality mobility service accessible to all (including persons with limited mobility) which is at the heart of the decarbonization strategy of the French government, in compliance with the European commitments France took. To achieve such goals, the SICEF will lead a consortium composed of major French and European tech groups (AKKA Technologies, Alstom and Systra), the Gustave Eiffel University and a startup named Entropy which is specialized in data analysis and predicting mobility flows.
Our presentation of the Ferromobile in VivaTech

Our presentation of the Ferromobile in VivaTech

Arnaud Montebourg (President) and Jules Morel (CEO) have presented the Ferromobile at the 2022 VivaTech event. This gathering of startups and innovative companies takes place in Paris on a yearly basis. The Ferromobile is an electric car which can be driven on the rail tracks thanks to a bimodal “road-to-rail” wheel, inspired from past railcars. The vehicle is automatic on the tracks and therefore doesn’t need a driver. On the road, it can be driven like a car with the usual driving license. Finally, the Ferromobile belongs to a shared fleet of vehicles; one needs to reserve his ride to use this new public transportation mode. Find below the video of Arnaud Montebourg & Jules Morel’s talk at VivaTech [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://ferromobile.fr/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/avc2_video.mp4" poster="https://ferromobile.fr/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/VivaTech-3-ban.png"][/video]


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